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WMUK - Gordon Bolar

"In the first act, Missy Karle’s strong voice lifts all spirits with her uplifting The Best is Yet to Come. It turns out that Karle’s early bold promise is fulfilled in many ways throughout the evening, particularly with Karle’s own engaging rendition of A Child is Born."

(A Swinging Christmas: The Holiday Music of Tony Bennett - Farmers Alley Theatre)

ENCORE - David Kiley

"Karle does some of the best work on stage, both as a somewhat nerdy and high-strung character in the first act and a more mature woman in the second. She has a lovely voice and commits to her character’s quirks."

(The Marvelous Wonderettes: Dream On - Farmers Alley Theatre)

REVUE - Marin Heinritz

"Leads Whitney Weiner as a strong, pleasant big sister Jenny, and Missy Karle as bride Rebecca, have lovely voices and good chemistry together; Karle has a beautiful vibrato in 'A Little Bit Less Than'."

(It Shoulda Been You - Farmers Alley Theatre)


"Cinderella, played by Missy Karle, has a certain verisimilitude, which is appealing, and she sings the original Steve Goers numbers very well: "Magical Me" is a lovely number."

(Cinderella - Broadway Playhouse) 


NWI TIMES - Philip Potempa

"Doe-eyed Missy Karle steps into the glistening glass slipper of Cinderella for this telling. A quick-witted beauty with an attractive voice to match, Karle is instantly likable." 

(Cinderella - Broadway Playhouse)



"The supremely underused Missy Karle is brassy, confident, and addictive. She leaves the audience wanting more, even after she’s been gone for three numbers." 

(Smokey Joe's Cafe - Open Door Repertory)


"Karle’s “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” is a rousing number that captures Dorothy’s desire to find a world outside the dreariness of the Kansas countryside, and the actress’s effortless belt gets the show off to a great start."

(The Wizard of Oz - Emerald City Theatre) 


CENTERSTAGE - Colin Douglas
"Missy Karle is lovely and sweet as Snow White"

(Snow White - Emerald City Theatre)


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